Why is this study important?

People need to do exercise to stay healthy and all the research shows that being active, even if it is just a little bit active, is better than doing nothing at all.  Exercise not only helps you stay fit but it helps you keep your weight down, improves the health of your heart and lungs and is even thought to help alleviate depression and delay the onset of dementia in older people. Currently GPs can refer people for exercise as a kind of treatment and this trial is trying to work out what kinds of exercise programme are most effective in helping people adopt and maintain an active lifestyle.

Why we need your help.

We need to study people whose GPs think that they would benefit from a programme of exercise.  We are interested in people who:

  • Are aged 18 to 74 years at the start of the trial.
  • Have been diagnosed as having hypertension, suspected hypertension and pre-hypertension.
  • Are screened as being ‘inactive’ or ‘moderately inactive’ on the GPPAQ – this is a short self-completion questionnaire that we send you.
  • Have access to the internet and an e-mail account.
  • Are able to understand the Informed Consent Form, and understand study procedures.
  • Have signed the consent form.

Previous participant's story

“I was opted for the programme by my doctor, due to my high blood pressure… I could fit in with the programme offered by the Sports Park activities… I could choose the one that suited me, personally. I was opted on to a Sports Programme…”

David's story